The Philosophy of Water

Water we usually see falling down from the gray sky. The one we see flowing out of the tap, and the one we know flowing strongly in great abundance. The importance of water in our lives. It’s potential energy and gravity that move it. Water is simply harmonizing itself with the law of nature. As we embark on this life saving measure for our people, unbeknown to the gravity of its impact on the lives of people; I stopped to reflect the enormity of stress I received when my water is interrupted for few hours for repairs; but we have people that have never known what it is to have running water. The conception entrusts to God to fully understand.
Water is always flowing from the higher place to the lower one. And does it need to put so much effort to do so? Put an obstacle in its path; it would not be difficult for it to make a turn and find another way. In that same analogy we found that we can really do this. An obstacle in front of it will not be hard for us to find a way around, without any burden. If we know that on the face of the Earth, the water will always flow downstream; nothing can be done to make it stop. And we align our course of action with water course of nature realizing we can cross it. We cannot hinder it. We can change its course. We can delay its journey. Whatever happened, our determination is resolved to stay flowing from the top to the bottom. And it will need no serious effort to achieve it because everyone is brought along.
Water becomes unstoppable, even when it flows without any effort. Because for water to come to our people we are its ally in unison with God. And thus, water would have taught us to harmonize with the law of nature, so that we can achieve our goal without being stoppable. But how exactly can we make alliance with ourselves with half of selves not fully committed? Either by thinking what I have suggested is abandoned or not quite convinced this is worth doing. To do so, we need to be like water to be fully self-surrendered. Water has never had any personal ambitions; water has never had any sophisticated plans to achieve egoistic goals. Only by emptying itself out of individual goal, water surrenders itself to the Divine purpose. And the same law applies to us all. Only by letting go control, do we let the force of Creator guide our every step. And who can stop God’s will? When you surrender yourself to God, the universe becomes your ally. And nothing will be able to stop your journey; just like no single creature can stop you from achieving your goals in life. But do not misunderstand! The Divine purpose is not the same as doing it yourself but we just make it simpler by doing it together. It is not the same purpose for self. It is the personal purpose, which is different for each person. It is the purpose for us as participants in the development of this potable water project; one can only listen and let go egoistic desires. Surrender! It is the message from the flowing water. Because the plan that will surely be true, no matter how hard you resist will be true. I think this is one of the plans. Flow with the people, and be happy. Because by surrendering ourselves, being our neighbor’s keeper will be our ally. We would have fulfilled our greatest purpose, effortlessly, and unstoppably. Water would have finally come to our people.

Authored: Michael Oyamienlen Ewah.

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