National Association of Uromi Sons and Daughters, USA.
NAUSDA is an umbrella organization for Uromi individuals and clubs or associations in North
America. A 'member' means an individual member or association or club.
Membership is open to all persons of Uromi origin either by birth, marriage or interest.
Members of the general public, who show interest, are also welcome to affiliate
with NAUSDA through becoming partners and supporters. NAUSDA, therefore, invites all to
partner with it in the achievement of its set objectives.

'Member Associations':  A member association is an Uromi association that has been duly
admitted for membership to NAUSDA.
A member association must be an Uromi association having five or more members in
accordance with the constitution.
A member association's constitution shall not conflict with the mission, values and principles of
NAUSDA. Where there is conflict, the NAUSDA's constitution prevails.
Individual members of a member association are members of NAUSDA.

'Honorary Members' (Patrons):  Honorary membership may be conferred on an Uromian or
non-Uromi individual or group. This honor is based on an
outstanding character, integrity, wisdom, financial stability, good reputation, selfless support
and contributions towards NAUSDA's mission, values and principles.
For more information on Honorary Membership, please contact NAUSDA's Secretary General.